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Why Do People Soak Almonds in Water in urdu

Keep me logged in … Soaking almonds also changes the texture of the nut and makes it … To soak almonds, you need raw almonds, water and a bowl. … Almonds will remain fresh for up to a week after soaking with proper storage. … by taking soaking to the next level and actually sprouting your nuts.

Top 7 Silent Symptoms Of Heart Attack

If you ask about the symptoms of a heart attack, most people think of chest pain. Over the last couple of decades, however, scientists have learned that heart attack symptoms aren’t so clear-cut. Symptoms may show up in several different ways and depend on a number of factors, such as whether you’re a man or a woman, what… Read More »

Home Remedy to Get Rid of a Big Belly in urdu

– Check and try these home remedies out. Honey. Take a medium glass and fill it with hot water. Hot Water. Drink around 1 litre hot water on an unfilled stomach. Tomatoes. Eating raw tomatoes also helps in reducing the belly fat. Ginger. Steep water and add ginger to it. Mint. Apple Cider Vinegar. Curry Leaves. Cardamom.