What is the mean of pain in these parts of head in urdu

LONDON (Kashmir) in the case of a headache tablet eat rinse get rid of this headache are some who should take the most seriously because it can lead to serious illness. Specialist Neurologist Dr. Saqib Qureshi would seriously say that the image shown in some pain in the head and immediately shot instead of four types of headache… Read More »


doctor operated a baby’s ear and fearful to see something

Website Emirates 247 reported that a 4-year-old girl from the state of Madhya Pradesh, Indore radka mnduly taken to a hospital because of severe discomfort in the ear. When doctors examined the baby’s ears were so surprised to see the number of insects were collected dozens inside. These insects were present in the inner ear and it was… Read More »

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ISIS attacks on Iraqi schools and humiliating treatment

London (IANS) mankind, called when a person falls from the ranks of humanity is behaving worse than animals, and through God have mercy on your fellow human beings. The militants play to their honor and kidnapping innocent girls in Iraq and Syria have been out of the atrocities that such animals.

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17-year-old girl killed her father

NEW YORK (K) man’s heart is through his holiness the relationship becomes a slave to himself and do not commit the most heinous crime trembling heart. Some example of the brutality of a 17-year-old American girl, the drugs and his father to get the freedom and money to kill the dead porn parties.

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The man lived with his wife and child’s dead bodies for three years

Nairobi (IANS) we take care of at home by a man three years his wife and child dead faith in the resurrection of the faith of Muslims is to be offered in the divine presence could revive the man, but Kenya he will be resurrected after nine years. Police have arrested a person to come to the scene.

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world’s most beautiful airport in china

At all if the victims of flight delays if airport New York (Kashmir) Let us, which was not good is the atmosphere at the airport but the airport in the world to see that there are will your heart that amazing, did not tell you about some of the airports.China’s “syzhn bawayn” Should the roof be taken to… Read More »

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excellent facility launched for people who change job in Saudi Arab

According to Arab News website www.kawadir.com.sa was introduced for the foreigners who are not satisfied with your current job or who have lost their jobs due to the crisis. This website where employees could be the new sponsor will help you find where the hostages suitable manpower to provide information so that the desired quality and availability.

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The great news for people who wish to marry again

The independent newspaper The Express Tribune reported that tea has set up a website secondwife.com for those looking for a second wife. Tea is said that their website is becoming popular in many countries and thousands of the 3,600 civilian members of the website Canada, the UK, US, Australia and the Gulf countries are also benefiting from this… Read More »

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excellent facility launched for people to get passport

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to the lines outside passport offices and passport via the Internet from their homes was introduced to facilitate the submission renewed its “e-service” Scope of the 2 years will be further expanded. The minister said that “people will be able to get your passport at home.

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why samsung note7 returned to the company

Famous company Samsung Galaxy Note 7 production and sales to close permanently announced, the company worked to get the phone back were sold worldwide under the policy has been started with the mobile as .Poster they will also not be easy to pack in boxes of mobile phones.

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