When Urine come stop it or not

When you cannot empty your bladder completely, or at all, despite an urge to urinate, you have urinary retention. To understand how urinary retention occurs, it is important to understand the basics of how urine is stored in and released from the body. Urine is composed of waste and water filtered from the blood by the kidneys. It… Read More »

How to hack mobile calls

Read Messages. (They are no more personal!) Read Contacts. (Check your lover’s phonebook to see what name he/she has saved your name. Hey, please don’t suicide when you see he/she has saved your number as lover no. 9! HeHe) Change Profile (Change the other’s profile to silent mode when you are on a date!) Play Ringtone even if… Read More »

How to make room cold easily.

Fair warning: This may look silly, but it works. Position a table or standing fan behind a shallow bowl of ice, frozen water bottles, or ice packs. Aim the fan at you so you get the ultimate cool breeze — without the hefty air-conditioning bill. Brilliant, simple, and economical! Bonus: Add a small fan on your nightstand and… Read More »