A Prayer for God’s Provision in Times of Need

Sometimes the needs in our lives seem to mount up high. Maybe you’re waiting, or have been praying, for help, for a breakthrough. Maybe you feel like it’s been slow in coming, or that you can’t see a way out of your current situation. Maybe the needs seem to far outweigh the reality you’re living in. You’ve lost… Read More »

The foolish girl was burning the bomb on the wall in urdu

It would be fun to think that “Independence Day: Resurgence” is as godawful as a lot of people want to say it is — that it’s the “John Carter” of bombastically overscaled paramilitary ’90s-nostalgia alien disaster flicks. But seriously, it ain’t that bad. (And let’s be honest:

Disclosure of fake eggs in the market in urdu

KOLKATA: All foods were bought with fears of adulteration except eggs, but that doesn’t apply anymore. This, ever since “plastic eggs” surfaced recently in Tiljala. Based on a complaint filed by Tiljala’s Anita Kumar, Kolkata’s civic body sat up abruptly. On Friday, the administration jumped into the fray to seize fake eggs. On Saturday morning, the main accused,… Read More »