Woman’s dead body found in the garden

A bottle and a letter pack, perfume chips with the body of a murdered woman was found buried in the lawn of State House  was buried. Read the writing of the letter was also baffled police. Press Herald had reported that the name of the resident female city  Valerie luck that her husband killed tyumen shot in the head… Read More »

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American TV actress Lisa Lane commit suicide

Peru (IANS) The US plays the leading actress Lisa Lane depression causes suicide claimed the body was recovered from the hotel room, American TV actress Lisa Lane has proved starred in several plays but fame ‘Gossip Girl’s ‘meet plays the actress has also taken part in several popular TV shows, including several in the next daughter, law and… Read More »

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Burma has once again tortured Muslims severely

More than an estimated four victims of genocide in Burma thousand ruhijaan Muslims are out to the open sea to save lives and hunger dozens since these have died due to disease and weather conditions, while no they are not willing to allow the country to the border.

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a husband tortured his wife on the wedding ceremony

Lahore (IANS) have TV in the program female caller phoned yourself to the Sharing stories of atrocities carried out by her marriage first night her husband asked Facebook passwords and highly to all my friends and later sent a bad message warning me that if they receive messages from your friends now if it will be your life’s… Read More »

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the sexual assault on his daughter’s rape suspect

Gujarat (Web Desk) caused panic in Jalalpur jhattan in extrajudicial village, sleeping on the putting fire laws of the pregnant woman as a result of the abuse of child rape suspect attempted suicide Police. According to police the Jalalpur Jattan village near the case ridge under assault on Mohammad Buta against the Hudood Ordinance with a married woman.

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causes of pimples on your skin

LONDON (Kashmir) If you think the results from nail acne skin main reason why we say that an early because I think you have dirt and dust can be your husband . Le garyt “that if you get pimples on the skin, because that would be too close to your spouse so forth primacy of the skin.as told… Read More »

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a day when most of the people are unfaithful to his partner

The Mirror newspaper reported that hundreds of people from a survey found that nearly 72 percent of betrayal on the day of November 18 people have been worn their evil designs into practice. The abuse established a special website’s Christine Grant for rituals found the same trend in members that confirmed the results of the survey on their… Read More »

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Students paralyzed due to teacher’s violence

Cadet College Larkana 14-year-old student teacher Mohammad Ahmad allegedly broken neck bone, causing the student subjected to torture and he was deprived of mental ability. The affected student mobility and food and drink Dr Mohammad Ahmad are also deprived of food through the slot on the nose.

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The Benefits of Eating Raw Onions Everyday in urdu

Latin Name : Allium cepa Onions are native to Asia and The Middle East. Onion is the most cultivated species of the genus Allium and the cultivation goes back to over 5000 years. Ancient Egyptians not only used them as currency but worshiped them as they believed that onions gave eternal life. They placed onions in the tombs… Read More »


Sign on your hands? What Meaning of This

If someone has ever made fun of you for making elaborate hand gestures while talking — or you’ve seen footage of yourself speaking, only to be horrified by your flailing forearms — don’t be too concerned.According to psychologists, those gestures probably are helping you express your thoughts more effectively. A study analyzing TED Talks last year found that the most popular,… Read More »

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