Take care of these things before Facial in urdu

Facial does not only make the skin beautiful, but also provide peace of mind. A facial is recommended twice a month by the skin experts for cleaning the skin. Sometimes red spots and acne comes out on face after facial and we complain to facial expert that she used the wrong products. There are several reasons for the… Read More »


Home Remedies For Cancer at home

The home remedies for cancer include consumption of broccoli, grapes, ginseng, myrrh, green tea, aloe vera, lycopene, maitake mushroom, soybeans, and wheat grass in ether direct or indirect forms. Cancer is a disease that is characterized by the presence of continuously dividing cells. Initially localized at a point called a tumor, these cells later distribute throughout the body… Read More »

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A scent that compelled women to believe that men

Time magazine’s famous coffee scent produces feelings of relaxation in the women’s temperament, server and generosity and phone number to a fair presence in the perfume becomes much easier. Scientists have identified the root cause caffeine, which produces amazingly pleasant change women’s mood. When being sufficient seeds are being fried biscuits Bake or both of these things is… Read More »

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106-year-old became engaged, how old groom

The Daily Mail reports that rare example of Vladimir My roddy Gies  are a Brazilian woman who fell in love with 66-year-old Jacob Dias huge Sedona. He called both based in the southeastern Brazilian elderly manicured Nusa Fatima last three years, where he walda ‘love’ and ‘Gecko’. A vibrant event which was held on the occasion of their… Read More »

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newly wedded was forced his husband to apologize

New Delhi (K) common curse of dowry-bound Indo-Pak subcontinent has ruined countless girls home. Requirements dowry, not the girl often failing to be the victim of a girl suffering but taught a lesson to the greedy workers demanding dowry laws in India that they illuminated their fourteenth stage.

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The strange faith minerals story of a young

Lahore (Daily Pakistan Online) has shown that bound reading young man praying in the old-fashioned lovely way to keep your express love , she said the condition of the 40-day prayer, the boy accepted this condition, but 40 days after wait the woman was standing but the boy  looking down because his contact with his God.

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Indian forces Unprovoked firing at shakargarh border

Narowal (Pakistan Daily Online) Indian troops opened fire staal calling on the working boundary. ISPR said that Indian troops at half 8 Zafar Wall targeted Pakistani checkpoint in the sector, but the Rangers retaliated the usual enemy guns be none were silent Indian troops or financial nqsa n is not.

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Piano playing the rooster in urdu

Ryan McGinness…It’s fresh, it’s modern…organic and synthetic. I just love his work. It’s surprising. Each time I look at it, I see something new.