The young girl exposed such a shameful face of our society in urdu

According to a 2011 poll of experts by the Thomson Reuters Foundation Poll, Pakistan is the third most dangerous country for women in the world. It cited the more than 1,000 women and girls murdered in “honor killings” every year and reported that 90 percent of Pakistani women suffer from domestic violence. Westerners usually associate the plight of… Read More »


Drinking water in petrol started urdu

“Breaking through the pound a litre price point for both petrol and diesel was clearly a welcome landmark, but it looks as though there is more to come. In fact we may get to a bizarre time when a litre of fuel is cheaper than a litre of some bottled waters,” he said.


My best friend called me on his wedding But…

n the afternoon I was due to be married, my sister was helping me get dressed when she asked me, “Are you nervous?” I can honestly say I wasn’t. I was an hour away from the wedding I’d always dreamed of – on a beach in Hawaii – with the man who was my best friend. I shook… Read More »


After One Year Mufti Abdul Qavi Step forward in the Murder case of Qandeel baloch in urdu

Police have ruled out the possibility that Pakistani model and social media star Qandeel Baloch’s brother, who murdered her on July 15, can evade punishment for the crime under a sharia-inspired law that allows victims’ family members to forgive killers. A reportedly unrepentant Waseem Azeem, 25 — Baloch’s younger brother — confessed during a press conference to drugging… Read More »