Young would earn 10 lakh in 2 months in urdu

Let me see if I understand: you made a bet with a friend that you’d make a million dollars in … Becoming a Millionaire: How do young people earn million dollar salaries? … How can I retire at 30 and have a million dollars a month in income? … Matthew Moore, 10 years as an NRA instructor, 30… Read More »


Without dieting, exercise and obesity salvation in urdu

The Salvation Diet is an online program and a true multimedia … our weight is a function of just two components: diet and exercise. But what if there was more to it than that? What if there was another way, proven throughout history, to not … It is also well recognized that obesity is both a psychological and… Read More »


The best time to upgrade your smartphone in urdu

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge … However, it may just be worth the wait if you can find a phone to … Next StoryProject Fi Intros ‘Group Plan,’ Up to Six People on One …. I have a note 4 replacement coming in and I will stick with that and … Cell phones don’t make it any more convenient.


a story of love on Facebook

dunya news the girl from Japan encountered a boy from Sadiqabad Facebook Maria aydlan and friendship gradually turned into love and then decided to be a girl forever.japany Maria aydlan thousands of miles away just for the love of completion was settled where she was also my love .maria aydlan have accepted Islam.  

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The largest gathering of devil worshipers

So the report says, the devil is in the worship rituals of the ceremony, including and other blood rite and ritual to ask for help from the devil. During these rituals is going on in the temple and live music singer stage، CTR are blood ritual is hurt needles etc.the iron in your body. Demonic Temple is blood… Read More »

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importance of women in the choice of partner

in January 2016, Evolutionary Psychology has been published research was about men of different traditions of selflessness and sense of humor of the 202 women if they like habit of sacrifice of men’s beauty women gave attention beauty men for one night, but was so concerned by his men for life.  

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world’s most dangerous lady

According to the newspaper Metro reports the ice cream parlor to kill the 38-year-old S Blaze Carranza was aware of her husband and a grievance was simply that they were not able to be able to fulfill the desire of his children. Heartless woman killed two electric saws cutting wood in your house and pieces of his body… Read More »

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Beware of These 6 Household items That Cause Cancer

Most people probably live under the assumption that their place of dwelling is a safe haven from all the dangers that lurk “out there.” But little do they know that many common household products contain deadly chemicals that are known to cause cancer, reproductive harm, birth defects and other health damage.They’re a staple in many American households, but… Read More »

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Lines on your face says about your life

If The full moon to make a cream or oil to your forehead if you want to read the first lines of her forehead, they now stand in front of your eyes glass that easily see the lines of the forehead۔I was told that these are the three lines of the forehead, carved, clear forehead.

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don’t wash underwear and other clothes together

The smoke health verse also says that often we clothes are cooler or normal wash in water but underwear is more than other clothes germs die. Underwear sterile wash water is always in hot water.said Dr. Charles Bagar that we will wash away all Underwear Make sure that the washing machine is in the kitchen cloth.

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