The Way You Clench Your Fist Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality In Urdu

In his book Studies in Expressive Movement, famed psychologist Gordon Allport and his co-author Phillip Vernon wrote that there is consistency in people’s expressive behavior, and that personality can be perceived from nonverbal cues. Introverts and extroverts practice different body behaviors, as do Type A vs. Type B personalities. Your habits, gestures, movements and facial expressions can reveal… Read More »

Abortion k Bary me Islam Kya Kehta Hai By Dr Farhat in urdu

Abortion is the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus.[note 1] An abortion that occurs spontaneously is also known as a miscarriage. An abortion may be caused purposely and is then called an induced abortion, or less frequently, “induced miscarriage”. The word abortion is often used to mean only… Read More »

Aik Bar Hazrat Usman R.A Ne Nabi Pak SAW Ki Dawat Ki in urdu

Choosing a new laptop is a lot harder than it should be. Every major brand has multiple product lines with overlapping prices and features, and every description is filled with jargon about processors, types of storage, graphics capabilities, screen resolutions and a laundry list of ports and connections. And don’t even get me started on names. Good luck… Read More »

Treatment of pesticide and banana sauce in urdu

Organophosphorus pesticide self-poisoning is an important clinical problem in rural regions of the developing world, and kills an estimated 200 000 people every year. Unintentional poisoning kills far fewer people but is a problem in places where highly toxic organophosphorus pesticides are available. Medical management is difficult, with case fatality generally more than 15%. We describe the limited evidence… Read More »

Treatment for paralysis with home remedy in urdu

Treatment for paralysis is considered one of the most difficult treatments in medical science. Life of paralyzed people is very difficult. Paralysis whether it is sleep paralysis or facial paralysis strongly affects one’s life and the people around him. Treatment for paralysis is long and expensive. Paralysis treatment can be enhanced with the addition of a home remedy.… Read More »