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Hnsayy Gandhi brought his feet in urdu

New Delhi (New zdysk) after a dispute mats on the Indian tricolor price which was even sandals with Gandhi’s picture on Amazon is at $ 16.99, however, the Indian people on social networking sites against insulting national symbols Amazon cafe press has a series of criticisms against the warning from Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj, according to Indian media… Read More »

What Happened on This Day in History in urdu

Rome (IANS) are building ground to earthquakes in the world, but they build them again and life again is flowing, but a town in Italy is that where there was a great earthquake 36 years ago, all up it took forever to walk. According to the Mail Online reports bynyuyntuky province apps (Apice) In 1980 the town was… Read More »

The girl who shook Saudi Arabia in urdu

Dny (K) guardian for any matter or decision of women according to Saudi law, which is usually a father or husband, but could be a brother or a son in some cases, and can not take action without permission . Based law against occasional voice was raised but are Australia for the first time a Saudi woman is… Read More »

What is the distance between the teeth in urdu

Rawalpindi (Pakistan might have several afradmujud 30 Oct 2016) The world, which is the distance between the front teeth. Many people do not like the distance between his teeth. But I also think that some people like some people that there are gaps between the teeth are a symbol of good fortune that hy.jn were fortunate in each… Read More »