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The girls are harassed in Pakistani TV channels

Lahore is well-known journalist, TV aynkr fryha Idris did reveal the girls are harassed in Pakistani TV channels, and his tweets would not have any thought in Pakistan, he said that I hear often going up in TV channels on the week end and their I’m asking about the office environment, he finds these conditions in these meetings,… Read More »

Smugglers discovered new way to import vehicles from abroad

PESHAWAR (Dunya News) become a master of spectacular car that everyone wants but growing import the vehicles to an increase in inflation and taxes is now visible difficulty, so this problem is taken out of the smugglers to resolve legal procedures adopted while the imported vehicles in Japan are putting the car back together bnalyty areas.

What Unionist jackals in urdu

The jackals unionist who says it did not know until today, the bead snake a special someone said, someone named small stone black people get totally heard syun in the forested mountains one-man he was a hairy rock.

The world’s company which earns millions revenue from unfaithful husbands

The website reported that China’s y WWWN King International Marriage Hospital Clinic group aymusn company provides its services to a wealthy wives that their husbands are tired of secret affairs.The evaluation of the company’s success was planted a project fee of $ 69 thousand to complete (approximately 69 million Pakistani rupees), and is rapidly developing its business Despite… Read More »

Katrina has fired driver divulging the secrets of private life

India after media affair failed Katrina Ranbir reports of private life are all kept confidential but the dinner with the last young actor Aditya Roy Kapoor has warned private engagements actress Media Katrina came back from seeing the media can skewer your driver. While the actress accused of giving information on the private lives of the driver media… Read More »

a child’s magnetic body has shocked the scientists of the world

ANKARA (IHC) is to stick to metal objects with magnets, but has been released in Turkey on a child whose body is magnetic and sticks to any metal things with her body. Scientists around the world are wondering if the child feature. According to British newspaper Daily Mail reported that 9-year-old boy named Mohammad Symbols (Mehmet Sumbul) said… Read More »