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When your child turns 4 months should be fed in urdu

London (IANS) Doctors usually advise that children 6 months old mother was nothing but milk made from peanuts and pulses, etc. asyaءayk give the baby up year round, also prohibited for mother but now experts are given the parents have the opposite direction. Should the Mail Online reported that the National Institute of “parents say health experts that… Read More »

Why engagement ring is worn on the this finger

Islamabad (Daily Pakistan are online) engaged and prefer to everyone memorable wear the third finger.The viral Nova always the tradition of wearing rings on the third finger initiative launched by the Egyptian civilization which thought that direct the heart for the third finger of the left hand, and the engagement ring means to wear the finger to close… Read More »

The one thing that all Husband & Wife hide from each other

New York (IANS) There is also a variety of financial infidelity on mutual types spouses. There are usually found that spouses hide routines income, deposits or shopping etc. to each other and lie to each other on this issue, but the percentage of husbands and wives, yet there were no statistics on this, financial unfaithful to each other.

the most amazing thing about your personality

Mail Online reported that Ohio’s Cleveland State University psychologists research, it is also a time of man’s creation that has come under the influence of her intelligence and her upcoming role and involvement in criminal activity likely sets.

The most important news for parents

The newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that British doctors study found that babies body is wrapped in strict clothing, even if limited free movement of their limbs, heavy hips and joints in problems are created. As the child’s development problems are often severe and ultimately have no choice but to operation of the solution.

Cigarette smoking is the most dangerous of the leading alternative

Mail Online reported that experts at University College London said in his report that “on the toxic chemicals found in cigarettes are harmful used in extreme loss for men sperms. These are necessary to increase the capacity of the swimming sperms and unable to breed. Bubble Gum is a very popular flavor, men causes them to collapse and… Read More »