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How To Get Rid Of Dandruff with Yogurt at Home

A massage of yogurt can surely be helpful in treating dandruff. However, it is to be remembered that the effectiveness of this massage can vary from person to person. Simply relying on yogurt massages may not always work while dealing with dandruff. Though the cycle of shedding dead skin from the scalp is normal, it becomes problematic when… Read More »

How to Make & Test Shilajit at Home

Most fake shilajit is offered in easily counterfeited tincture (liquid) or powder (sometimes in capsules) forms. But in recent years, the resin form has also been commonly imitated. A variety of creative solutions are used to manufacture fake products including use of coal, charcoal, and fertilizers to produce fulvic acid, a key active compound in shilajit. Other disreputable… Read More »

10 Questions You Need to Ask doctor in urdu

You may undergo colonoscopy as infrequently as every 10 years. … A. Some doctors tell patients to stop taking aspirin, which has blood-thinning properties, … You should not decide to stop these medicines on your own, and the … Q. How can I be sure that my colonoscopist will do a careful examination?