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Benefits Of Gidar Singhi in Urdu

Siyar (Jackal) Singhi (Horn) is another rare product and the probability to find one is one in a million.Siyar singhi is used for some rare rituals that come from the Atharvaveda methods to help the mankind so as to make their life better, once found it plays a significant role in Vashikaran and tantric processBenefits of Siyar Singhi.In… Read More »

Chehra Khoobsurat Banane ka behtreen islamic Wazifa In Urdu

We Buy Any Car Limited is an automotive purchasing and wholesale company headquartered in Farnham, Surrey, United Kingdom.[2] It has branches in the U.K. and the United States. The U.S. corporate office is headquartered in Media, Pennsylvania in the Greater Philadelphia region. The company was founded in 2006 by Noel and Darren McKee. In May 2010 the company… Read More »

The Way You Clench Your Fist Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality In Urdu

In his book Studies in Expressive Movement, famed psychologist Gordon Allport and his co-author Phillip Vernon wrote that there is consistency in people’s expressive behavior, and that personality can be perceived from nonverbal cues. Introverts and extroverts practice different body behaviors, as do Type A vs. Type B personalities. Your habits, gestures, movements and facial expressions can reveal… Read More »

Gutka Common Forms Of Smokeless Tobacco In Pakistan And Causing Cancer In Urdu

Use of smokeless tobacco is common in South Asia. Tobacco is a major preventable cause of morbidity and mortality. Doctors make one of the best avenues to influence patients’ tobacco use. However, medical students addicted to tobacco are likely to retain this habit as physicians and are unlikely to counsel patients against using tobacco. With this background, this… Read More »

Pakistan became a stronghold of smuggling and non-standard sex medicines, the worst situation was created in urdu

LAHORE: Pakistan has become a major market for smuggled and sub-standard aphrodisiacs in the absence of regulation of import, manufacturing, supply and sale of such drugs.Every drug must undergo rigorous testing before it is introduced into the market. However, sexual enhancement drugs, both smuggled and locally manufactured, are being sold in the country without clinical trials.These drugs are… Read More »

Pakistani Teenager Develops An Anti-BlueWhale App in urdu

An 18-year-old Pakistani boy has developed an app completely opposite to suicidal Blue Whale Challenge Game.Waseem Gul created this app to help people in realising how important their life is.However, the app appears just like BlueWhale, but its tasks are different. This app also includes 50 tasks but all the tasks are designed to bring positivity in one’s… Read More »