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Treatment for paralysis with home remedy in urdu

Treatment for paralysis is considered one of the most difficult treatments in medical science. Life of paralyzed people is very difficult. Paralysis whether it is sleep paralysis or facial paralysis strongly affects one’s life and the people around him. Treatment for paralysis is long and expensive. Paralysis treatment can be enhanced with the addition of a home remedy.… Read More »

What Is Likoria Disease, Get Rid Of Likoria With THIS Homemade Halwa in urdu

Leucorrhoea, also known as whites, is a medical term used to describe a condition where women experience a thick white or yellow colored discharge from the vagina. Although vaginal discharge is important for maintaining good genital health, changes in the discharge require medical attention in order to prevent infections. The main role of vaginal secretions is to expel… Read More »

How was alcohol forbidden? in urdu

One of my favourite pastimes is sharing a drink with close friends and talking late into the night about a million things, in spite of the fact that I’m not a big drinker – or rather haven’t been one for over a decade now. Unlike most fans of sinful beverages in Pakistan, I only seldom keep alcoholic drinks… Read More »

How did Hazrat Yunus live in the stomach of fish? in urdu

We have seen how the Injil records the teachings, healings and miracles of the Prophet Isa al Masih (PBUH). He often gave invitations to his listeners (and to us) to receive what he offered. He offered ‘living water’, mercy to sinners, finding the ‘lost’, and invited all who were willing to enter the ‘Kingdom of God’.These teachings perplexed… Read More »