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Stomach Pain Causes: 7 Reasons for Abdominal Pain | Reader’s Digest in urdu

If ongoing stomach pain is also accompanied by bloating, gassiness, and a change in bowel habits— either constipation or diarrhea—it could be irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). “IBS is probably one of the most common gastrointestinal disorders that a gastroenterologist sees,” says Lawrence J. Brandt, MD, emeritus chief in the division of gastroenterology at Montefiore Health System. IBS affects… Read More »

Floods kill 8 in Malawi | | The Nation Onlinein urdu

Flash floods have killed at least 18 people in Thailand as heavy rains continued to ravage the country’s south. The flooding, which is roof-high in some areas, affected more than 700,000 people since it started a week ago, Thailand’s interior ministry said in a statement on Saturday.At least 18 people have died and one is missing, it added,… Read More »

7 Foods That Stop Hair Loss | Prevention in urdu

Seeing more strands in your brush than usual? You’re not alone. An estimated 80 million Americans experience male- or female-pattern baldness as they age, and countless others suffer hair loss from conditions like autoimmune disorders, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, stress, and lack of sleep. While contending with bald spots and thinning tresses is stressful, there is hope: Research shows… Read More »