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Attractive young girl drove an important part of the body

New York (IANS) to increase the beauty of models and actresses often resorted to plastic surgery but pgzy model called Focus Sweden went ahead in the frenzy so that my ribs out back to get thin. This model of the family that has become so addicted to plastic surgery is worried about his life.

What can a mother do with her daughter

The newspaper “Hindustan Times” said 42-year-old Pramila Mandal reached on the occasion of his brother W. commotion surrounding the baby and the baby will eat the flesh of his own to save her mother. They are residents of Gopal village woman said to the wife of a man engaged in brutal action W. The flow of blood from… Read More »

Mother mistreated with her 21-month-old daughter

LONDON (K) is melt anyone’s heart to see children hurt the delicate flowers, so agonizing death by tormenting the mother’s own child, how can that concept. The gruesome incident occurred in the United Kingdom, where a 23-year-old Catherine Smith kept his two-year-old girl hungry for a week and then crushed under the feet of the baby’s body and… Read More »

68-year-old man became the ninth marriage with young girl

According to The Mirror reports Ron Shepherd’s 68 years old and he can not walk without the stick because of illness and weakness, but has managed to marry the 26-year-old Filipino girl. According to the thigh is still being fought divorce with the last wife of 8 women who married for the past 5 decades. A year ago… Read More »

What are the risk factors for cancer in urdu

Heart London (Kashmir) While all this is well known that there is too much sugar in soda (Pepsi, Coke etc.) and is prone to human diabetes fatal disease from drinking the energy drinks diseases have these been several investigations into the drinks pose and has been much written about their losses but baujudnujuan (particularly among 11 to 18… Read More »

To get most important things in life give up every thing

British newspaper The Daily Star reported that the survey site “Sunshine” (Sunshine) was asked to be the 2 thousand 936 regardless. If we get a chance to see different cultures, we do not wish to have sex life.We were more surprised to see the results of this survey were willing to leave something for the holidays.

a man raped a young girl

New Delhi (K) instead of giving justice to women victims of rape in backward societies are further injustice, they are turned over to the beast who raped for life on marriage Is. Indian city of Bareilly in 2014, there was an incident where a man named Chavez raped 23-year-old girl.  

Western young model converts to Islam

London (IANS) Leading model Kimberly miner’s Kingdom had recently converted to Islam and began wearing the burqa turn your bold futusuts and modeling. The 27-year-old Kimberly became animated British police agencies began monitoring this change. Yesterday police arrested Kimberly charged that the fighting in Syria and Iraq is strongly linked with ISIS.

Billionaires princess who could not be head of the country

Glnarh slabity Karimov was one of the most famous women in the Middle East. Three years ago, this amazing disclosure whether glnarh objectionable modeling pictures of President Islam Karimov to come seriously to his dear daughter azjan Guide angry and ordered them to shut.