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Why are so many children are born in September in urdu

If this is not your fault if you have forgotten to say “Happy Birthday” to all your Facebook friends in the last few weeks. The last 20 years of data show that the year of birth in mid-September are the most birthdays are seen in the same month. According to the data released in the US born child… Read More »

Saudi police arrested a women on call her husband that is incredible

Stories of women to escape from Western countries were Islamic fighters are often caught three sisters trying to go Syria. The Saudi Gazette reported that three women were trying to enter Syria via Lebanon with their seven children, he was arrested. The report said the Saudi authorities had informed the husband of the woman abscondence take his wife had… Read More »

The best easy teeth shone like pearls prescriptions

Today we will clean teeth objects in your home by following some tips that will tell you home. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide Take a teaspoon of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide used as toothpaste and mix well until the paste and paste ready. Coconut oil If you want to take a few seconds to make coconut oil and teeth… Read More »

world’s first air line where air hostess are naked

New York (IANS) The air hostess highly embarrassing clothe the Vietnam Airlines jet VAT (VietJet) has caused panic and decide to start their operations in other countries. Wet Jet 2016 issued on a calendar published pictures of these air hostess who are wearing very short dress. The passenger is put to the beautiful ayyrhustsz to attract recruits, who are extremely… Read More »

suddenly attack on women that was Lying in swimming pool

The swimming pool of a hotel on the island fort venture in Spain on Tuesday after a woman gun appeared carrying what looked like hoist scenes of Tunisia’s episode of tourist sight and fled to save any lives. She was turning the gun by tourists, which was a stampede to see who faces stood out wherever entered. They… Read More »

Foreigners arrested trying to enter Pakistan from India

According to Indian Border Security Forces D’or IG MF Farooqui 24 years has said that Imran Kabir aged 24 years and review Jamil arrested and brought India to study in 2014 revealed that the preliminary investigation, both residents after which they were trying to get Islamic education into Pakistan from Afghanistan when he arrived in Iraq, which was… Read More »

a area where celebrate marriage ceremony of frags for raining

it is strange that the purpose of the frogs hy.asam get married to please the rain god is reported that this practice is occasionally also meet Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and the sea.The Assamese people believe that the frogs had started to rain and got married at the wedding of two frogs is crippled branches of farming has made… Read More »

Two animals eat human flesh was torn open man on motorway

Two animals eat human flesh was torn open man on the motorway, the police arrived at the fact that she sat there holding his head in front. Many people are seeing this awesome couple called the police and had a few police cars surrounded the late couple’s car covered in blood. when police approached the car to see the… Read More »

What is Unionist jackals in udru

The jackals unionist who says it did not know until today, the bead snake a special someone said, someone named small stone black people get totally heard syun in the forested mountains one-man he was a hairy rock. All this will open up the truth, but in its place today.